Why are you waiting to tap into your abundance – it’s written in the stars!


Hey, nice to meet you – I’m Michelle

I’m also your new best friend- because I’m an expert in abundance and I want to share it with you! I’ve worked in finance and business development all over the world- from the west coast of Canada, to central London in the UK, and all the way to Indonesia. Though I’ve worn many hats throughout my career, my heart lies in helping other people and I’ve followed this passion to where I am today. I’m driven by a desire to help you grow your wealth and find your financial freedom. As an author, mentor, speaker, and coach, my goal is to help you call in your abundance and create a life you love living.

Women Rising

Women Rising is a compilation of experiences; a collective of female voices, sharing their stories of struggle and success. These courageous women have come together to tell their stories in hopes of inspiring others to find their own paths. These are women who have reached their breaking point, overcome the odds, and put themselves on a new path. They have chosen to light their own way in spite of life’s trials and tribulations and want the same for their readers. Women Rising will inspire you to truly live when all feels lost, to speak your truth, and to help change the world one voice at a time.

I’m Not Your Average Speaker

If you’re looking for a button-up shirt and a powerpoint presentation, look elsewhere! My style is high-energy and no-holds-barred- often described as a firecracker on stage, my goal is always to ignite the fire inside my audience and leave them inspired. Don’t be fooled though, I am all business- from the boardroom, to the roller derby rink, to the stage, I bring a powerhouse presence and real, actionable advice that sets you on the path to your success.

Set Your Money Potential Free

Do you find yourself just going with the flow, carrying out the daily tasks of your life or business without much direction or thought? Are you getting the same results you always have by doing the same things you always have? Well, I’m here to tell you that that is just not good enough! I want to empower you to examine where you are now critically and honestly, so you can make strategic decisions that lead to your success. I want to help you map out your unique path to abundance and take real action to make it happen. Join me and create the abundant, wealthy life you want to live!

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What people have to say about me

Way to bring the energy! Michelle was a powerhouse on stage! I felt motivated to take action right f-ing now.
Joy Kingsborough
Roller derby as a metaphor for your biz? HELL YEAH! Michelle will fire you up and get a fire in your belly to get real with the numbers in your biz. You want a biz bestie like this lady - she is fan-fricken-tastic!
Tara LeDuc
Michelle is a powerful presence on the stage! There is no missing her motivating message! Her "no sugar-coating it" style of speaking is perfect for any audience that wants to cut to the chase, and leave feeling empowered, energized and enough! She is a total badass and will make you feel like one as you sit in her presence!
Marlo Ellis
Michelle Copper is a firecracker who will grab your attention and keep it through her incredible life adventures and the stories she shared to the practical advice she gave on how to grow a gets you thinking about the numbers in your business with a financial education and background but also what it really takes to be successful in life and business
Chantelle Adams
Owner / Founder
Recently I did an overhaul of my company. It's more than just a few coaches, we have projects and communities that require an infrastructure fit for our massive vision. This overhaul was all about getting the right people in and making sure I am focusing on doing the most important tasks; outsourcing those jobs that are not in my wheelhouse and frankly I'm incompetent in doing. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to have a team of talented people who believe in my company vision and are willing to support my endeavors so powerfully.

I brought on Michelle Cooper as an accountant and she will soon be stepping in as my CFO for a project that financially overwhelms me... because it's huge! Before I brought Michelle in officially, she was always there to support, guide and assist me, well before I was even paying her. She has a wonderful heart and wants businesses to succeed, leaders to do what they do best and leave the money stuff to her. I cannot thank her enough for the time, money and brain-space she has saved me already.

James G Butler
Founder/CEO/Owner / Reclaiming Warrior

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